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We are deal do-ers, First Home Helpers, and people who can get the job done. We’ve successfully played a part in helping over 2000 everyday New Zealanders, just like you, to buy property – both for themselves or as an investment.

Through this, we’ve learnt the tricks of the trade and are constantly finding ways to make buying property affordable for everday Kiwis.

These include

  • Finding out what government grants are available
  • How the lending rules really work
  • Where you can get financing for your property
  • Where you can find properties that make great first homes
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An example of the properties we recommend

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An example of the properties we recommend

We’ve also made connections with all the sorts of professionals you’ll need when you buy your first home. That means that if you don’t already have a mortgage-broker, lawyer, or accountant that you know and trust, we can introduce you to the people you need to get the deal done.

As we said, we are deal do-ers. And by the time you finish working with us, it is our mission that you will be a deal do-er too.

What we do in three steps


We help you calculate what you can afford

  • We help New Zealand Under 35’s find out what sort of home they can afford to buy, and​ we help them find ways to increase that number

We find houses that make great first homes

  • We talk to developers who are building new homes, and find the ones that best suit First Home Buyers’ needs

We help you pick the right one for you

  • We work with First Home Buyers to help them choose which house to buy, and help them avoid common pitfalls that most people run into when buying their first home

Why we’re the best at what we do

We have done the most deals​

Opes Partners has helped over 2000 everday New Zealanders, just like you, buy property – both for themselves or as an investment. This means you can have the confidence that your coach can help you avoid most common pitfalls most people run into.

We look at the most houses

Wore than any other First Home Helpers. Opes First Home looks as over 400 properties every month to find the houses that best fit First Home Buyers needs. This means that you know that any property e show you has already been vetted by an expert.

We’ve helped people like you​

We know that you’re going to have a lot of questions when buying your first home. We get it. We know what’s going through your mind and that’s ok. The good thing about helping people like you is we've already got the answers to most of your questions. And if we don’t … we’ll soon find out.

Meet the Team

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Samantha Morrison

Property Partner

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Andrew Nicol

Managing Partner