A way for First Home Buyers to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder.

Are you ready to get your foot firmly on the first rung of the property ladder?

It feels impossible, right? Almost unrealistic.

Under 35’s in New Zealand are constantly told that buying their first home is unaffordable. And it feels like it is.

We look back longingly at when our parents bought their first homes for $​45,575​.

Yes, that was the median house price back in 1982. According to REINZ, the average house price in New Zealand is 19 times that ($​875,000 in April 2022).


Everything seems to be in the same cycle: First Home Buyers keep saving. House prices go up. First Home Buyers keep saving more. House prices go up again. First Home Buyers …. you get the picture.

As Kiwis, we have an innate dream to buy our own home. If that dream is to become a reality, ​something has to change​.

What we want you to consider is: ​Change the way that you buy your first home.

Keep reading to the end to see what we mean.

Maltworks Terraces

The Maltworks Terraces

You Need A ​Plan​ Strategy to Get Into Your First Home

The ​rules ​of how to get into your first home have changed. And you need a plan for how to adapt to these rules so that you can get into your first home.

It’s not just about saving more, or spending less than what you earn. It’s about figuring out how to get the deal done.

You need to know

Where to buy
Which house to buy
Whether buying makes sense for you
How to get the deposit together
How to access government grants (and which ones you are elligible for)
Who to talk to to get finance and make sure the contracts are right
Which house to buy
Whether your parents might be able to help you form a deposit by using equity within their home

You can get into your first home​ if you know the answers to these.

But, most people don’t.

And that’s why First Home Buyers need to change the way they buy their first home. They need to seek advice from people who have done it all before – people who can guide them through the process.

You can’t just flick through the Propety Press, or scroll through TradeMe property on a Sunday morning hoping that a property is going to leap out and be the perfect first home for you.

Street View1 2x

An example of the properties we recommend

What if you had advice from someone who has done this before, with a set and proven process for getting first home buyers into their first home?

What would that mean for you?

You’d be able to ​get into your first home faster​ than you otherwise could
You’d probably be ​more likely to actually make it happen​ because you’ve got someone coaching you along the process
You’d be ​more confident​ in buying your first home because you know that person is helping you avoid pitfalls and common mistakes
It’d be a ​whole lot less work​ for you because you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself
You’d already be ​following the right rules​ – the type of rules you might get wrong if you did it yourself

Spoiler that person probably shouldn’t be your parents

Why not?

Remember, when they bought their first home it was 20 or 30 years ago when house prices were 10% of what they are now.

The rules have changed​ and the way that you buy your first home needs to change too. You need advice from someone who has done this before under the current rules of the game.

That’s why we’ve introduced the ​Get It Done Programme​.

This (completely free) in-person programme is your fundamental, fool-proof guide to getting in to your first home.

Introducing the Opes First Home ​Get It Done​ Programme

This programme brings together everything Opes Partners has learnt over the last 6 years in business.

It is an in-person programme where, over a number of weeks, your personal First Home Helper will guide and coach you to buy your first home.

It’s not just the look on our client’s faces when they are first handed the keys to their first home that really gets me … it’s that look on their faces when they realise that they can actually do it – they can actually get into their first home.

– Ollie McKenna – General Manager and Chief Deal Do-er

What this Programme includes

Over a series of three meetings, we’ll help you:


Step one

  • Figure out how much you could afford to spend on your first home
  • Find ways that you could pull together a deposit for a house – much more quickly than just by saving for it
  • Find out what government grants you may be eligible to apply for

Step two

  • See where you should buy your first home based on your own situation and your long term goals
  • Think through all of the big questions you need to ask yourself before buying your first home
  • Meet all the people you’ll need to talk to in order to pull the deal together. This includes: mortgage brokers, lawyers and developers

Step three

  • Answer any questions you may have about the process
  • Actually, get the deal done

What others are saying about the programme

​Obviously there's ways and means to do things yourself. But, even if you've got the time on your hands and the resources to do everything yourself I would still recommend going through these guys. It just makes life so much easier.

— Neil and Clyde

You may be thinking...

Who are you, and why should I trust you?

At Opes Partners we are, first and foremost, deal do-ers. We know how to get the deal done.

And that’s because our team has over 88 years of experience in the property industry.

We have helped over 2000 everday Kiwis buy property, whether for themselves to live in, or as an investment. All up, that’s over a billion dollars worth of property we’ve helped people like you buy.

There’s a lot to be proud of. But, what we’re most proud of is the number of young New Zealanders we’ve helped get on the first rung of the property ladder.

As we said, we are deal do-ers. And by the time you finish this programme, it is our mission that you will be a deal do-er too, living in your first home.

What will you choose: the long road … or the shortcut

Right now, you have a choice to make – will you take the long road or the shortcut?

If you take the long road, you can click off this page, and sure you could try figure out how to buy your first home yourself. It’ll almost definitely take longer, and will take a lot more work on your part. But, the benefit for you is that you can stop thinking about it for a while and go back to scrolling through Instagram.

Or, you can take (arguably the better choice) … the shortcut.

If you choose this, you will likely get into your first home long before you thought you could, with it taking less work on your part and less of your personal time.

Remember, this ​Get It Done ​programme doesn’t cost you anything.

All you need to do is take your first step and have an initial discussion with a First Home Helper and we can see whether you are a good fit for The Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it that you’re able to offer this programme for free?

At Opes First Home, the properties we recommend to first home buyers are all new properties – they’ve either just been built, or are soon about to be built. (See here for why we recommend buying new).

Over the years we’ve created relationships with every major developer in the country. And when you buy your first home, we get paid a fee by the developer.

That means that we’re actually on the same side because we only get paid when you are able to buy your first home.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the ​Get It Done​ Programme?

You can move through the Programme within 3 weeks. All it takes is a series of 3 meetings to discuss your situation, to look through properties and to put a deal on hold. We take care of the rest.